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Our mission at ALPLAindustrial: We want to go far beyond what customers expect. With our worldwide sales network, global expertise and flexible delivery conditions, we guarantee optimum service around the clock. We supply standard products as well as develop customer-specific solutions in close collaboration.

Beautifully designed packaging through In-Mould-Labelling

In-Mould-Labeling for outstanding Designs

Whether round or oval, everything fits perfectly, because nothing is left to chance; the IML design process is as precise as the print quality is brilliant. There are guaranteed to be no inaccuracies, either in the partial or all-round design. So we ensure that your product stands out between many others in the shelfs. The plastic label is placed directly in the injection mould, where plastic and label blend together perfectly to form an inseparable unit.

ALPLAIndustrial provides also the lids for the buckets

The One-Stop-Shop

We do not only provide containers, buckets and bottles but also the fitting lids and closures. Our customers can rely on our entire packaging solutions. At ALPLAindustrial you can count on our hunger for innovation, pioneering spirit and automation - we are constantly developing new products and improving our range, focusing on our technological lead in the process. We combine our many years of expertise in injection moulding and recycling with visionary ideas.

ALPLAIndustrial closes the loop by using recycled material for the new buckets

We close the cycle

We at ALPLAindustrial ensure that your CO2 footprint is as small as possible. All our products are available with PCR materials up to hundred per cent.

ALPLAIndustrial has a huge variety of different coloured buckets

The world is colourful

You want to bring colour in your life? No Problem with ALPLAindustrial. Upon request we can deliver our packaging in several colours. We offer buckets, canisters, bottles, pots and corresponding lids in 16 standard colours on request. If corporate design is key, there is also the option of individual mixing according to Pantone colour swatches. All the colours are also available in metallic, transparent or glitter versions.

What customers say:

"The short delivery times and the high quality of ALPLAindustrial’s products have convinced us for years."

Alexander Windisch

CEO All-Color

"We have been a customer for over 10 years and are extremely satisfied. ALPLAIndustrial is an absolutely reliable partner for us, the cooperation is totally uncomplicated.”

Harald Schmid

CEO Dekor Farbenerzeugungs GmbH

“We have been an Alplaindustrial customer since 2022. The quality of the products and the price-performance ratio have convinced us.”

Florian Stremmel

CEO KS Bauchemie GmbH & Co. KG

“We have been a customer of ALPLAindustrial for over 20 years because the products meet our requirements in terms of quality and value for money.”

Peter Dargiewicz

Tecnichal Director Otto Bollmann GmbH & Co. KG

Displaying the product range of ALPLAindustrial: giving an overview of buckets, pails, pots, canisters in white, transparent and yellow color, but also the different shapes.

Any questions about our products?

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to serves you more. Together we find the right packaging solution for your needs.