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Sustainability is our Mission

At ALPLAIndustrial, we care about the environment and society as much as we care about our products. Sustainability is at the core of our vision and values at ALPLAIndustrial. We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint, maximizing the recyclability of our products, and engaging with our stakeholders and communities. On this page, you can find out how we are making a positive difference for the planet and the people.

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

We are a signatory member of the New Plastics Economy’s Global Commitment, an initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. By 2025, we're committed to making all our packaging 100% recyclable, investing €250 million in recycling (€74.5 million in 2022), and using 25% post-consumer-recycled materials in our products.

With our new 4R-Bucket we go far beyond

Environment at ALPLAindustrial

100% PCR

100% PCR material can be used in our products, which helps conserve resources and contributes to a cleaner environment

Our ALPLAindustrial products are robust


Our packaging solutions combine durability and design, ensuring your products are transported and handled safely

Energy-efficiency with eco-friendly processes


We focus on eco-friendly manufacturing, while using energy-efficient processes to cut carbon emissions and save energy costs

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Sustainable Buckets and Canisters

A reliable Certification for our products

For over 40 years, the “Blaue Engel” has been an impartial and economically independent voluntary label for products with proven environmental benefits. We at ALPLAindustrial are proud that a large number of our plastic containers have received this important award. Read more about the “Blaue Engel”. Moreover ALPLAindustrial is certified by RAL Gütezeichen.

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Sustainability at ALPLA

As a part of the ALPLA Group, we firmly believe that plastic packaging plays an important role in addressing the needs of our growing global population. Each day, we dedicate ourselves to delivering solutions that promote a safe, affordable and sustainable life worldwide. With over three billion people encountering ALPLAs products daily, we embrace the significant responsibility that accompanies our mission. Find out more about how we fulfil our responsibility.

News from ALPLAindustrial

Alpla Industrial
14th May 2024

Containing Ambitions

ALPLAindustrial stands for large-volume packaging solutions for the construction, chemical and food industries.
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ALPLAindustrial values relationships and quality packaging. We offer a variety of eco-friendly containers for various industries, with recyclable options aligned with circular economy standards. Reach out to enhance your business’s sustainability and growth.

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