In- Mound-
Labeling (IML)
for a more
beautiful world

The first impression always counts where appearance is concerned. We decide in just one tenth of a second if we like what we see. When a product and design merge, there are many benefits, not
only visually.

In-Mould-Labelling or:
The product and design become one.

The beauty secret of our product. The label (plastic label), that can display all colours, is placed in the mould. Following this, the molten PP is injected into the casting mould. The plastic then melts with the label and on setting takes on the shape of the container and as a result: the label and packaging form an inseparable whole.

You may design in the usual linear format. Prior to production, the print image of the curvature is aligned to the conical form of the container.

It is suitable for any shape.

Whether round or oval, everything fits perfectly, because nothing is left to chance; the IML design process is as precise as the print quality is brilliant. There are guaranteed to be no inaccuracies, either in the partial or all-round design.

Optimal print quality

The IML- printing ensures high-resolution images in a brilliant colour quality. In addition, only one label is required to label a package on all sides, and it even fits perfectly from the top to the lower edge and all around.

Durable and scratch-resistant

In-Mould labels are damp-proof and temperature resistant, and, therefore, the optimal solution for the labelling of plastic packaging for frozen or chilled products! On top of that they are scratch-resistant, as well as shrink and tear proof.

Shorter production time and lower production costs

With the In-Mould-labelling-process packaging is produced in one single working step and provided with a label. This eliminates the storage of blank packaging, meaning that warehousing and transport costs belong in the past.

Environmentally friendly recyclable

In-Mould-Labelling protects our environment: The packaging and label are composed of the same material and can, therefore, be fully recycled.

A comprehensive range of “Look & Feel” options

The same plastic packaging product can be decorated, optionally, with a variety of different materials, print colours and lacquers. So, you can be sure that your product will stand out on the shelves.

Faster exchange between designs

For a fast exchange on your IML-Machine you only have to be transferred from one label design to another. There is virtually no drop in production on changing to a new design. In fact, here at ALPLAindustrial, we can no longer even imagine a world without IML. There are simply too many good reasons for an attractive outward appearance.

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