Bottles – the solution for liquids

The range at ALPLAindustrial also includes a large standard portfolio of bottles. Light or heavy, round or square, from 100 to 1,000 ml filling volume. Everything remains safe and clean for food and chemical substances.

Available sizes:

Bottles with a filling volume of

Bottles, square FV

≤ 1 litre

These bottles have character – they have corners and edges. And that has very practical advantages. Because they don’t waste a single millimetre of space when they are packed closely together for storage or transportation. Of course round or square is also a question of taste and as you know there’s no argument about that.

Bottles round

100 ml to 1 litre

A round thing for every standard and every application. Mainly liquid, then the vials and bottles up to one liter of filling volume are just the right choice.

Bottles, round Standard FZ

250 ml to 1 litre

One bottle for every standard and every application. Whether with tactile sign or in UN design. Bottles from WOLF PLASTICS are available for any application.

Light or heavy, round or angular, from 100 to 1.000 ml filling capacity, food-safe and, if required, with UN-certification - actually, this ingenious container from WOLF PLASTICS should not really be called a “bottle”.

The most important key information about our bottles - at a glance

  • The angular version
  • The round version
  • UN-products for a safe world
  • The definition of hazardous goods
  • WOLF PLASTICS – everything at a glance

  • The angular version

    These WOLF PLASTICS bottles have character – namely angles and edges. And that has extremely tangible benefits, because they do not give away a millimetre of space if they are packed against each other in storage or on the loading area.

    The round version

    The round WOLF PLASTICS bottles are suitable for any standard and every type of application. Whether shampoo or drinking yoghurt, the areas of use of these mini bottles and bottles are infinite.

    Un-Products for a safe world

    Anyone transporting hazardous goods is liable. A safe form of packaging is, therefore, vital. But what is really safe? The UN has classified more than 6,000 hazardous materials and defined different groups of packaging for this purpose. The certification for UN-packaging is issued exclusively by recognised testing institutes. WOLF PLASTICS offer containers for every hazard class.

    The definition of hazardous goods

    A hazardous good: in the context of transport in public space, they include materials and preparations (compounds, mixtures, and solutions) and items that, in turn, contain materials, which due to their nature, physical or chemical characteristics or their condition, present certain hazards during transport. For whom?

  • For example, public safety or order, especially for the general public,
  • as well as important common goods,
  • and the life and health of people, animals and other items.

  • In addition, these hazardous goods are classified as dangerous by legislation.

    WOLF PLASTICS – Everything at a glance

    WOLF PLASTICS does not only want to create containers that can be filled, but to also fulfil your individual wishes. As a result, we work with quickly available, high-quality standard products or with individual, customized solutions for all requirements. That’s why WOLF PLASTICS relieves pressure on the environment as much as possible, produces CO2-neutral, works at full steam on new recycling methods and encourages customers to grasp resource-saving alternatives. A further important incentive is research and development which can only be successful in partnership with customers and suppliers. In this sense customer queries are rapidly the focal point and in planning precise work is a matter of course. Production is, accordingly, individual and delivery follows as quickly as possible.

    WOLF PLASTICS is proud of the longstanding, personal customer loyalty and mutual trustworthiness. Any problems are, consequently, tackled and suitable solutions found. That is the world, the world of WOLF PLASTICS.