The rounded corner bucket – the patented wonder

Its special efficiency is the increased stackability, the statically ingenious trendy shape makes it possible that the innovative container can now be stacked in unbelievable four layers on top of each other. This does not only mean a not inconsiderable saving in storage space, but also fewer and more efficient transport routes.

From an ergonomic point of view, the new model also has a lot to offer, for example the practical grip roller on metal handle for more comfortable carrying. Of course, the bucket oval “Rundeck” also has a great deal of external appeal with all its inner values, which means that it is also available in all colours and is of course IML-compatible.

Available sizes:

Oval bucket with a filling volume of 17000 ml to 19600 ml

WOLF PLASTICS always has customer needs in mind, often before they even arise. The latest outcome of research and development at WOLF PLASTICS is now ready and available: The oval “rounded corner” bucket, developed specially for the construction materials industry, where it is already in use.

An overview of all information about the rounded corner bucket

  • Modern design
  • Reduced stacking volume per pallet
  • Improved handling
  • Fits perfectly to the tail lift
  • Greater stability due to low height
  • Optimised roller grip for handling
  • “Rüttelnase” (Shake-proof lid with beaded rim)
  • IML

  • Modern design

    The rounded corner bucket is the best evidence that shapes and forms evolve and good can be made even better; because the innovative design contrasts in a subtle yet conspicuous way with other containers.

    Reduced stacking volume per pallet

    Due to its new shape the rounded corner bucket can be stacked in four layers which results in an extremely practical and reduced stacking volume per pallet. In addition, pallets, storage space and transport routes are saved.

    Improved handling

    Design follows function – the rounded corner bucket does not only look good, but also brings about an improved overall handling. Furthermore, it simplifies planning, optimisation and implementation of container flow.

    Fits perfectly to the tail lift

    What you do not see at first glance, but soon notice about the rounded corner bucket is that this WOLF PLASTICS container fits better to the tail lift, thus, enabling faster progress when unloading.

    Greater stability due to lower height

    A point that already turned out to be fundamental during the research and development phase of the rounded corner bucket is the lower height. To clarify: the lower height affords an improved stability and makes the rounded corner bucket more secure during transport.

    Optimised roller grip for handling

    As soon as the rounded corner bucket has been delivered and unloaded, it is immediately ready to use. In short, the optimised roller grip allows for safe craning due to a recess in the middle and provides greater safety in the workflow.

    “Rüttelnase” (Shake-proof, beaded rim lid)

    The perfectly shaped “Rüttelnase”, the patented shake-proof lid with beaded rim, also protects the contents when mixing colours and ensures that with the rounded corner bucket everything remains well-sealed and clean.


    With the In-Mould-labelling-process packaging is produced in one single working step and provided with a label. In the case of the rounded corner bucket, this eliminates the storage of blank packaging, with the result that warehousing and transport processes are improved.