A square-shaped household bucket and construction bucket for this and that.

The bucket is one of the most practical inventions known to humankind, comparable to the invention of the wheel. A world without buckets is unimaginable and they have innumerable applications. In the house, for foodstuffs, paint or construction; each area of life has its own requirements.
ALPLAindustrial wants to do justice to all of them.

Available sizes:

Buckets Household / Square / Construction with a filling volume of

Bucket Household

3 to 10 litres

Household buckets are available from 3 to 10 litres. Whether in your own design or as standard goods in transparent or other colours with dimensions and different handle options.

Bucket Square

5 to 16 litres

Square buckets are often used for the optimum utilisation of Euro and industrial pallets and thus provide a considerable cost advantage in terms of transport and storage costs.

Bucket Construction

12 litres

The black WOLF PLASTICS bucket is not only a robust container for building materials; it can also be used as durable equipment on the construction site. Up to 25 kg are lifted several times a day on the scaffolding.

A world without a bucket is unthinkable, that’s why WOLF PLASTICS offer these practical containers for countless fields of application. Whether household, foodstuffs, paint or construction, every area of life has different needs. WOLF PLASTICS wants to do them all justice.

Everything about the square-shaped, household and construction bucket in a nutshell

  • Ideal for the household
  • With angles and edges
  • A product that you can count on

  • Ideal for the household

    The WOLF PLASTICS household bucket is pleasingly transparent and, as a result, reveals sight of its appetising contents. With a capacity volume of 3 to 10 litres, it can transport the most varied goods and products. It is portable and finished with an optional metal or plastic handle, which is, furthermore, available in all the colours of the rainbow. The WOLF PLASTICS household bucket for the food sector is, of course, neutral in taste and conforms to foodstuff regulations. In addition, it is produced under the highest standards of hygiene at the WOLF PLASTICS plant. This household gem can also, of course, be IML embellished or printed.

    With angles and edges

    We have nothing to give away, especially space: Square-shaped buckets are ideal for the space-saving utilisation of Euro and industrial pallets.

    The square-shaped bucket is always the correct choice, as much for luxury foods as chemical or technical products, if storage and transport spaces are to be optimally utilised. As well as being suitable for transport on pallets, conical and stackable, this bucket also adapts perfectly in external conditions.

    Finally, what is on the outside is also guaranteed inside: The innovative clasp ensures that the contents remain as intact as at the time of filling, and, in short, the square-shaped bucket can also be embellished in every possible print technique.

    A product that you can count on

    WOLF PLASTICS buckets score on qualities such as, a sturdy hardness grade, breaking resistance, resilience, temperature and chemical resistance.

    In any case, it is little wonder that plastic is also relied upon in the construction material industry. For example, the black WOLF PLASTICS construction bucket is not only a more robust container for construction materials, but can also be used as a durable piece of equipment on the building site. It will hoist up to 25 kg onto scaffolding several times a day, and only the strongest can withstand that. The WOLF PLASTICS construction bucket is quite clearly no.