The Euro Canister – only the best for all contents

The Euro canister can be anything at all: varied in size, weight, openings, nominal volume and dimensions. Can be used for foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs and has  certified approval for various classes (UN-X and UN-Y).  It is also stackable and requires no additional  packaging.

Euro canister

3 to 6 litres

The Euro canister can simply be everything: different in size, weight, neck finishes, nominal volume and dimensions. Can be used for foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs.

Euro canister

10 to 13 litres

It can be used for food and non-food and has approvals for various classes (UN-X and UN-Y). It is also stackable and requires no additional packaging.

Euro canister

20 to 30 litres

Suitable for food and non-food applications. It is also stackable and requires no additional packaging.

Euro canister

10 litres AdBlue

AdBlue is an additive for diesel vehicles. It is produced from urea which processes exhaust gases and thus achieves a reduction in nitrogenoxide. ISO standards demand special storage and logistics procedures for this substance (AUS 32 aqueous urea solution).


The WOLF PLASTICS Euro canister – it is undisputedly one of the best for quality and safety, regardless of whether its use is for foodstuffs or hazardous goods. All fluids are secure and well packaged. They are, of course, available in various sizes, weights and hazard classes. They can also be customised with the most diverse types of spouts and clasps.

The Euro canister has many uses. The most important information

  • Colour diversity
  • Labels? Fully automatic!
  • Classified content guaranteed
  • The Euro canister – the all-rounder
  • Always individual and customised

  • Colour diversity

    You may choose the colour of your canister. In other words, you can, of course, choose from the variety on offer what is best for your brand or company, because the range is so diverse. The choice is yours and offers you, into the bargain, many possibilities and abundant colours.

    Labels? Fully automatic!

    What’s more, the WOLF PLASTICS canister can display your labels all around the entire container. Because only a high quality and colour brilliant print means a unique visual appearance.

    Classified content guaranteed

    Regardless of which clasp method you decide on, be it a grid screw-on connection, a bellows spout or a valve canister including the anti-glug system, there is certainly the right clasp for all canisters, namely the tamper-evident clasp.

    The Euro canister – the all-rounder

    The Euro canister can easily be anything: for example, diverse in size, weight, outlets, nominal volume capacities and dimensions. It can be used equally for foodstuffs and in non-food areas and, in addition, possesses certifications for various classes (UN-X and UN-Y). Furthermore, it is even stackable and requires no further packaging.

    Always individual and customised

    We want to completely fulfil individual wishes. To clarify: we are always at your disposal with readily available, high-quality standard products or with individually customised solutions for all your requirements.