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ALPLAindustrial is expanding its product range to include the “R” bucket. It is available in almost all sizes and is comprised of at least 80% post consumer recyclable plastic. And it helps to achieve the ambitious EU – environmental objectives.
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The “R” has good mechanical features and is somewhat heavier than its equivalent new product. It is just as robust, solid and durable as a container made of new material. It is, therefore, a sustainable and resourceefficient alternative with improved eco-balance. Its CO2 saving has a favourable effect on the customer’s environmental record.

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SAll WP containers, bucket canisters, cans, tins etc can now be ordered in their recyclable variant. That means that they comprise at least 90% post-consumer-recycled plastic (PCR). There is merely a modification. These buckets are not suitable for use in the food sector. For the time being, in the food sector, you have to forego the recycled variant. As already mentioned, they are ideal for environmentally aware customers in almost all non-food sectors.

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The new, grey R-bucket is, of course, also IML – compatible, that means, it can be just as attractive in design as a new product. IML functions as follows on the R-container: The label (plastic label), that can display all colours, is placed in the mould. Following this, the molten PP is injected into the casting mould. The plastic then melts with the label and on setting takes on the shape of the container and as a result:
the label and packaging form an inseparable whole. Whether round or oval, everything fits perfectly, because nothing is left to chance; the IML design process is as precise as the print quality is brilliant. There are guaranteed to be no inaccuracies, either in the partial or all-round design. The IML process also protects the environment: The packaging and label comprise the same material and can, therefore, be fully recycled time and again. The base colour of the container can vary depending on how much PCR (Post-consumer recyclate) is added to the new material.
With an addition of 80% PCR a brighter colour tone is achieved than with a concentration of 100% recyclate.

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Why is the recyclable bucket being developed right now?
It exists now to be able to react to future EU objectives and to encourage climate protection. Ongoing tests and optimizations lead to increasingly improved results. The obligatory use of recyclable material in plastics processing is, on the part of the EU, already in the planning stage. ALPLAindustrial is fully aware of its responsibility to mankind and the environment. There are currently ongoing changes in the tricky area of “plastic packaging” and we always try to be one step ahead. Many people speak of sustainability. However, especially in the plastics industry, the gentle and sensitive way of dealing with raw materials and the environment, is today more important than ever.

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The ALPLAindustrial recyclable bucket can be manufactured with the same equipment as its new material equivalent. It comprises an innovative raw material blend with a sustainable surplus value (90% PCR), that has been certified in accordance with the accredited EU Cert Plast (European Certification of Plastics Recyclers). ALPLAindustrial tests all buckets with 80% and 100% post consumer recyclable material. By doing so, all qualities such as stacking capacity, stability or vibration capacity are thoroughly evaluated. The recyclable bucket has already been certified in accordance with EuCertPlast. The objective of EuCertPlast is to distinguish the plastics recycling industry with high operational standards and to verify its quality level. The industry is already in the running for the sought after “Blue Angel” certification. The “Blue Angel” guarantees that products fulfil the high demands of environment, health and user characteristics. In this assessment the entire life cycle is constantly taken into account. The “Blue Angel” is regarded as the independent verification for the processing of at least 80% of certified post consumer recycled plastic.

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The EU plans to bring 50% of all plastic packaging to a recycling process by 2025. ALPLAindustrial already has the goals of tomorrow in sight, today, and is taking action. It is, therefore, already possible to manufacture entirely plastic containers of 100% PCR.

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