Plastic Packaging –
The real alternative

Have you ever wondered how certain plastic containers could be replaced in the future? Which type of material can hold contents securely as well as being robust, hygienic, light and environmentally friendly at the same time? If the answer is “Plastic”, you are not wrong. ALPLAindustrial takes care of maximum sustainability all along the entire product life cycle and develops packaging solutions that manage the balancing act between economy and ecology perfectly.

Useful and without alternative

“Plastic should only be used where it is technically useful
and no alternative is available”. That is also the call for rapid implementation of adopted EU guidelines for plastic packaging. The highest possible functionality with the lowest possible burden on the environment – that is the motto of ALPLAindustrial, where plastic packaging and ecology are concerned. The so-called “Plastic” is better than its reputation would imply. Here are a few good arguments in favour of plastic packaging.

Saving of material

Less is more, less material, fewer resources, less energy.
The material expenditure in packaging could have been reduced by around a third in the last 30 years. In order to compensate for plastic through other packaging materials, one had to use the four times the amount of material. Today’s thin-gauge containers reduce the ecological footprint by an equal or improved functionality. More stable, steadier, user friendly and more attractive – these are just some of the attributes of the new packaging generation.

Clean Solution

All ALPLAindustrial containers can be opened to their entirety and emptied to the last gram, therefore, simplifying the recycling chain process.

Material Safety

At ALPLAindustrial, for the production of our packaging, we only use additives that conform to legal requirements. The materials are tested and certified in respect of food safety by independent bodies. Only then are they put into production.

Positive Environmental Record in Logistics

Even in logistics there are hardly any alternatives to plastic. The plastic container favourites at ALPLAindustrial for storage and transport are light, robust and perfectly stackable. Lightweight packaging also means lighter payloads and less lorry loads. That lowers fuel consumption, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimises shipping costs. 1:0 for plastic “on the road”.

Always holds securely

There is also no viable alternative to plastic containers for
paints and plasters in the construction material sector. ALPLAindustrial buckets have, therefore, been fitted with patented shake-proof lids to stand the test of processing and mixing in the most difficult conditions.

Safe and Hygienic

Plastic packaging can be easily sterilised and protect food and pharmaceuticals from contamination, making them durable in the long-term without the addition of preservatives. Tamper-proof clasps offer additional protection and safety. Conversely, UN-hazardous goods packaging can protect the environment from toxic or highly flammable substances.

Greater Product Protection

Plastic packaging reduces, like no other material, the emergence of food waste in the retail industry. But also in non-food areas “Plastic” ensures less damages in transport and storage, resulting in the saving of valuable resources.

Unique Processing

ALPLAindustrial containers are available in 16 standard colours and, additionally, by request in all shades in the Pantone range. Furthermore, they are all but seamlessly imprinted with the innovative In-Mould-Labelling. IMLcompatible containers can also be reintroduced to the recycling loop without additional expense. But it is also unique, in that customized packaging forms are possible for just the one product, ensuring the brand attention at the point of sale and a headstart on the competition.

Added value from further use

ALPLAindustrial containers are robust, fully drainable and resealable. They are frequently reused following emptying, be it in construction, the household or in agriculture. A stable bucket
or hobbock with an ergonomic handle and securely closing lid can lead to secondary use for years to come, which, in turn, is good for the environment and creates a sustainable added value for the consumer. But the advertising effect also remains for the product, thanks to the attractive packaging design being preserved in the long term.

The good things could be even better

The lack of any alternatives to plastics in the packaging industry has the material to thank for its versatility, as well as its sturdiness, light weight, stability, barrier features and the manner in which it can be easily sterilised. These features, undoubtedly, make plastic the unrivalled packaging material available to date.

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