The highest
of quality

Here at ALPLAindustrial attention to detail is very important to us. Because we believe that product quality means something different to each and every person. Every plastic container is only as good as
its special qualities, individual and tailor-made for all customer requirements.

Quality: without alternative

Plastic containers are indispensable, whether being used for liquids or solids. Whether your concern is for durability, seal tightness or particular transport characteristics, the plastic containers offered by ALPLAindustrial fulfil every objective with unrivalled quality.

Foodstuffs: real

We also manufacture for the foodstuffs industry. Being both neutral in flavour and food compliant, ALPLAindustrial are committed to producing plastic containers of the highest standards of hygiene.

Contents: fillable

Whether hot or cold, manually or automatically, our plastic containers can withstand all fillings and keep contents fresh for a long period of time. There is the right container for any kind of
content, whether food or hazardous goods.

Clasp: secure

So that what it says on the outside is guaranteed inside: The original quality clasp ensures that the contents stay as unspoilt as they were at the moment of filling. Security against tampering or contamination – that’s what we at ALPLAindustrial want to offer our customers.

Design: as requested

Anything is possible, whether imprinted in your desired colour or permanently designed with IML (In-Mould- Labelling).
Optimal, seamless print quality, environmentally friendly, durable and scratch resistant, that scores in an even shorter production time with low production costs, that’s design by ALPLAindustrial.

Order times: short

You can either avail yourself of the wide range of stock at ALPLAindustrial or receive your individual order in a guaranteed short delivery time.

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