Frequently Asked Questions.

Are the ALPLAindustrial canisters fit for dangerous goods?
Our canisters are certified for UN X and Y classes. So you will not need any additional packaging, whether on-shore, off-shore, or in the air.
Are the ALPLAindustrial buckets fit for dangerous goods?
Yes, they are. We have a large choice of UN buckets for solid goods.
Can ALPLAindustrial buckets be branded with IML?
All ALPLAindustrial buckets may have in-mould-labeling (IML).
May I develop my own line of containers with ALPLAindustrial?
ALPLAindustrial can develop together with you a line of containers following your ideas and requirements.
I only need a small amount of canisters. Do I still have to buy the whole palette (19.200 pieces) of caps?
ALPLAindustrial will provide you with the amount of caps you need. Our special storage system makes it possible.
I usually need canisters. But I will need a bucket for a new product. Is this possible with ALPLAindustrial?
We can provide you with both, canisters and buckets.
We have a special corporate colour. Can we have our line of containers in this colour?
Yes, you can. ALPLAindustrial offers not only a large variety of standard colours, but can also produce plastics in any required colour.

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