Everything in view.

We want to do more than just manufacture containers that can be filled, we want them to fulfil individual requirements. Whether it’s a quick delivery of top quality standard products or individually tailored solutions for every need.

We want to save the environment from as much stress as possible, our production is CO2-neutral, we go full steam ahead with innovative recycling methods and we encourage our customers to reach for resource-conserving alternatives. A further important motive is our research and development programme which relies on our customers and suppliers for its great success.
And last but not least is the service concept: We re-act swiftly to customer requests, plan precisely, pro-duce to individual requirements and deliver as fast as possible.
We are proud of our long-established personal customer connections and mutual trust. We are not afraid to face problems head on in order to find the appropriate solutions. That is our world; the world of ALPLAindustrial.

We constantly try to ensure that our production process is as sustainable as possible. Water power is the primary energy source in our Austrian factory. Production waste is completely recycled in line with efficiency of resources. One important contribution to climate protection is the replacement of virgin materials (raw materials sourced from fossil resources) with recyclate. This cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. The potential saving can be as much as 2.2 kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of recyclate that replaces virgin materials.

Thanks to the quality of our products, the flexibility of our services and our comprehensive solution-oriented service, we supply large-scale international customers. We are always open to new markets and are constantly checking their potential for our range of products and services. We grow as a result of meeting the requirements and assignments set by our customers. Our product development is characterised by our sustainable and ecological handling of raw materials.

Service does not start and end here. Service matters more to us. Service for us is something that brings us to be at the cutting edge of technology, it awakens our curiosity and our desire to move forward to ultimately be able to pass on the best quality. We have high expectations of ourselves. For us, service also involves exceeding expectations and fulfilling wishes. Sometimes that is easy and sometimes it isn’t. And the best thing about service is, if it is always taken into account. That is how we see it – no other way.

It’s about constant further development and about the future and our awareness of it. We operate in terms of best product quality while bearing in mind sustainability. Our research and development is governed by the concept of a successful future and we see service as more than just an item. Best service is paramount and is always part of the deal.

In our sector there is never a final word on matters relating to our world because there is always something new that we should and must bear in mind. The issues, world and the environmental considerations must always be passed on. Nothing more and nothing less. ALPLAindustrial is geared up for this.

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