Lids and handles:
accessories make
the world complete

Every container is only as good as its tiny details, a canister is only as leak-proof as its stopper and a bucket is only as portable as its grip. Here at ALPLAindustrial our research and development is geared to constantly optimising these special accessories and to match them to the needs of our customers. Whether a perfectly shaped, patented “shaking nose”, gentle, stackable bead for manual closure or special protection for sealing.

Various designs – Lids
Lid with grip tap
Lid with integrated spout
Sealing lid
Segment cut: Lid with standing edge,
centring bar for automatic covering
Segment cut: Patented „shaking nose”;
also ideal for manual lidding due to the wide lid edge.
Guaranteed safety – quality closure

Guarantees that it is what it says on the tin: The originality closure ensures that the contents stay as un-disturbed as they were at the moment they were packed. Safe from manipulation or contamination – at ALPLAindustrial this is what we want to offer our customers.

Container in original condition
Opening originality tab towards the front
Lifting the lid when originality tab has been opened
Lid can be lifted off
Practice-orientated – handle (Excerpt)
Bucket with plastic handle (KB))
Metal handle (MB)
Metal handle with grip roller (MBGR)
Shell handle (MG)

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