The packaging canister – Lightweight for all circumstances

1 to 5 litres

Safe and light but capable of making life easier. Proves its worth particularly in the food sector where it can be used for the hygienic storage of and easy handling of sweet and sour products, e.g. vinegar, juices or distilled water.

As a rule, WOLF PLASTICS canisters stand out due to very special features. In other words, they are, of course, the best containers for different, all liquid contents. The various canisters are available in ideal dimensions as well as with the optimal type of outlet. Requirements regarding the correct packaging will also be fulfilled.

Perhaps the canisters are more than you may think.

  • The question of colour
  • The labelling is fully automatic
  • Clasps – guaranteed secure
  • The packing canister – safe and light
  • The best result

  • The question of colour

    WOLF PLASTICS canisters are finished in a colour that best suits them. It all depends on what the company requires. For this very reason, the possibilities are endless.

    The labelling is fully automatic

    Every canister needs a label. WOLF PLASTICS canisters are fully labelled around the entire container. The extremely good print quality brings unique results and also ensures a perfect visual appearance.

    Clasps – guaranteed secure

    Everyone chooses their own canister clasp. These include the grid screw-on connection, the valve canister which incorporates an anti-glug system, or the bellows spout. What is most important and always said is quite simple: it must be a suitable tamper-evident clasp.

    The packing canister – safe and light

    Two features characterise the packaging canister. The first is that it is completely safe while the second is that it is light at the same time. As the packaging canister is as lightweight as it is, it also makes everyday life easier. The packaging canister is the optimal choice, especially in the foodstuffs sector, due to the hygienic storage and easy handling of sweet and sour items, for example, vinegar, juice or distilled water.

    The best result

    Results are only good if they rank among the best. For WOLF PLASTICS this also includes the fulfilment of individual wishes. In other words: at WOLF PLASTICS we have the entire range of readily available, standard products with both high quality and solutions that are tailored precisely to the customer’s needs.