The bucket for hazardous goods – safe transport

Anyone transporting hazardous goods must take responsibility for them. Safe packaging is essential for this. But what is really safe?The UN has classified more than 6000 hazardous substances and has defined the various packaging groups. Permits for UN packaging are issued by recognised testing institutions. ALPLAindustrial supplies containers for every hazard category which can be transported without being repackaged..

Available sizes:

Buckets round with a filling volume of

Anyone transporting hazardous goods is liable. A safe form of packaging is, therefore, vital. But what is really safe? The UN has classified more than 6,000 hazardous materials and defined different groups of packaging for this purpose. The certification for UN-packaging is issued exclusively by recognised testing institutes. WOLF PLASTICS offer containers for every hazard class that can be transported safely without any outer packaging.

Important information about all hazardous goods buckets

  • A hazardous good – what is that?
  • Safely packed
  • Trust is good. Control is better
  • WOLF PLASTICS is subject to the following standards

  • A hazardous good – what is that?

    Hazardous goods include, in the context of transport in public space, materials and preparations (compounds, mixtures, and solutions) and, in turn, items that contain materials, which due to their nature, physical or chemical characteristics or their condition, present certain hazards during transport.

  • For example, for public safety or order, especially for the general public, as well as,
  • important common goods and
  • the life and health of people, animals and other items.

  • To clarify: these hazardous goods are classified as dangerous by legislation.

    Safely packed

    WOLF PLASTICS offer round and oval buckets for hazardous goods in filling capacities of 5 to 12.5 litres.

    Trust is good. Control is better.

    In any case, international top suppliers and the best processing are a guarantee of quality at WOLF PLASTICS! Because nothing is left to chance and the most stringent quality tests by independent institutes are the order of the day. Tests and certifications also guarantee that the highest quality of our products can always be counted on.

    WOLF PLASTICS is subject to the following standards:

    ISO 9001:2008

    The international standard for quality management systems. To clarify, this includes the entire management structure from suppliers to the customer.

    ISO 15593:2008

    This standard describes both the management system and hygiene practices of packaging manufacturers who are considered to be companies in the food supply chain. And WOLF PLASTICS is one of them.

    ISO 22000:2005

    The international standard for management systems in the area of food safety. For example, for companies such as WOLF PLASTICS in the food sector.

    TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) certified

    The TÜV is valued by all industries and, therefore, it goes without saying that WOLF PLASTICS undergoes every TÜV certification.

    Leitbetriebe Austria (Leading enterprises)

    The leading enterprises convince by quality, creativity and innovation. They are also essential for the positive development of their industry or region. That’s why WOLF PLASTICS is also proud to be a certified leading enterprise.