January, 2018

Everything that makes
ALPLAindustrial what it is,
all packed in a film.

It lasts 4 minutes and 38 seconds and a piece of plastic packaging plays the lead role. You can now get to know ALPLAindustrial in an image film. At a place near you, on all computers, tablets and smartphones.

It is the film about how ALPLAindustrial communicates. A perfect piece of plastic packaging tells its story. About its background, where it comes from, the good genes, i.e. the raw materials it is born with, about the uniqueness and versatility that makes it stand out later with the customer in the marketplace. It also shows why this plastic packaging is generally so popular. Because it sees its role as a complete package, which also means sorting, storage and forms of supply. Imagery is a key narrative element of the film. The camera captures the development and surroundings of the perfect packaging in smooth motion, at times from high above and then zooming in to special details. The film is a compendium of what makes ALPLAindustrial so special and how it stands out. A feelgood movie in every respect and one that you simply have to see.

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