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The best packaging solution for everything and everyone.

For almost 50 years, ALPLAindustrial has stood for values such as quality awareness, reliability, future orientation and best service. And that there is a solution for every packaging problem. If this one special solution does not yet exist, then it will be created. A good example of this is the squaring of the circle, or as we at ALPLAindustrial call it: Bucket “Rundeck”.

When it comes to packaging solutions, we want to exceed your expectations and fulfil your wishes, almost before they come true. This is sometimes easy and sometimes a greater challenge. But which we are always happy to master as a team with our customers and supplier partners. The trickier the problem, the greater our ambition. We believe in partnership and in the power of fruitful cooperation. This is also how our most innovative products have been developed to date:

Bucket “Rundeck”- the product of great cooperation

The top priority in this ALPLAindustrial product development was to increase efficiency in the use of space. Thanks to the 4-layer stackability of this innovative container, logistics costs could be reduced by 25%. The total robustness and extreme stability of the ALPLAindustrial “round corner bucket” proves its worth especially on the construction site, where it is challenged daily. The IML process in labelling creates a mono-packaging which not only offers special aesthetics, but can also be completely recycled. Of course the “Rundeck” is also available in a recycling version.

Bucket “Round”- the all-rounder among the plastic containers

A round thing: Tight, food-safe and solvent-resistant, it is the round jack-of-all-trades from ALPLAindustrial. There is hardly any area of application for which it is not suitable. Whether for building materials, chemicals or food: it adapts perfectly to its contents. Like most ALPLAindustrial containers, the round bucket is food-safe, which means it combines durability, surface quality and cost-effectiveness with absolute suitability for food. And it also looks really good in the right colour and in an attractive IML print garment. Of course the “round” is also available in the sustainable recycling version.

Eurocanister – the changeable universal genius

The ALPLAindustrial Euro canister can be simply anything: different in size, weight, orifices, nominal volume and dimensions. Suitable for food and non-food applications, it has approvals for various classes (UN-X and UN-Y). It is also stackable and does not require any additional packaging. It can be labelled all around and shows its best side always and everywhere.


PET – The environmentally friendly lightweight

Never say “bottle” to a PET. It’s much better than its reputation. Since it weighs hardly any weight, it helps to save energy during transport. You can drink from a ALPLAindustrial PET bottle without hesitation, as it contains no substances that are harmful to health. Reusable PET bottles have long been among the most environmentally friendly beverage packaging, but disposable bottles have also been continuously improved ecologically. Measures such as weight reduction, recycling, shorter transports and the reduction of primary energy consumption during production make disposable PET bottles increasingly environmentally friendly.


The ALPLAindustrial containers presented here are only representative of an extremely wide range of products in all sizes and shapes. And new developments are constantly being added, true to the motto: “Whatever you want.



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