Leading the pack
Oliver Baumgärtel,
Key Account &
Product Manager

I find the possibilities of the in-mould labelling (IML) wonderful. Again and again, I am impressed by how I can just dive in and get creative. This technology is basically limitless in terms of decoration of plastics.  This allows you to play around with graphics and pictures. It began in our plant in Hungary. Shortly thereafter, it found a successful continuation in Austria. This is all to do with the unequal demands of various markets and industries.

IML is here to stay, especially in the food sector, which was definitely the pioneer. But now even the building materials industry is investing more in packaging, which acts as a real eye catcher for the DIY customer. There is also the possibility of involving structures and even scents. This is done by the manufacturers of the labels. Recently, we had a training course for this. The skills gained are passed straight on to our customers. We believe in strong support of our customers, so that they can do the best job of marketing their products through the packaging.

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