Leading the pack
Thomas LeitgebHead of Strategic Projects & Central Purchasing

I see the recycling market in a leading position. I am convinced that plastic packaging plays an indispensable part in supply logistics and storage period chain. So if you think in the long term, recycling is the key approach in putting plastic into the loop. This is the aim of our involvement. It is extremely interesting to work on improving the quality of recycled plastics. Researching and developing how we can achieve such quality again with plastic so we can create outstanding packaging. This is a fascinating technical challenge.

Keeping track of the pyrolysis process is also fascinating. It is still early days, but it would be the most ingenious recycling method of all. We have a keen interest in it and are keeping a close watch on what is developed. It would enable a complete loop for packaging. Without losing any quality. That would then be the perfect circular economy.

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