Leading the pack
Georg Hirsch,
Managing Partner

For me, the interaction with employees is one of the most exciting things about ‘the whole package’. As in every company, they are the most important factor at ALPLAindustrial. Machines are interchangeable; all that takes is a financial investment. But operating machines in a way that makes full use of all the technical possibilities is only possible with independent, astute employees.

That’s why I consider mutual trust and appreciation, and everyone being on an equal footing, to be essential. I’m proud of the fact that our employees are very engaged and strongly identify with their work; I’m proud of the team spirit and empathy at ALPLAindustrial, the sense of all being on the same page. I consider this to be essential – after all, the way we approach one another will also be the way we approach our suppliers and customers. The desire to work together in the long-term and as equals informs our approach right across the board.

Our employees are very loyal. Some have been with us for 25 or 30 years. It’s great to see how the more senior employees pass their knowledge on to the younger generation. It always generates new ideas – and that’s exactly how it should be. After all, our work is never done: there’s always room for further innovation and improvement.

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