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June, 2020

Recent months have shown that the strongest force that can overcome any crisis is absolute cohesion. Even if it is only possible by keeping distance these days, we have all grown closer together, and mutual support has taken on a whole new significance both privately and professionally.

Cooperation leads to good results

But before we go into more detail about the fruits of their joint work, a few words about the term cohesion: “Every relationship, every friendship and every working community needs it. Without cohesion, there are no results, or at least not the best possible ones. Without cohesion, there can be no triumph, especially not in communities. If you create and strengthen cohesion, you better the chances of a good job and an even better quality of life. Because man needs both: a strong community and good results.”


Our contribution to system maintenance

The fact that a strong community produces good results is no longer in question, at least not since the Corona crisis. If need be, companies even convert their production processes to hastily produce required goods such as protective masks for mouth and nose, disposable gloves or disinfectants. We at ALPLAindustrial also supply system-maintaining companies in the health and food sector. We are proud to be able to make a contribution to keeping the entire system up and running. Fortunately, our plants are so well positioned that even in times of crisis our packaging reaches our customers by the shortest route.


What would we do without “plastic”?

Even the renowned Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) is now looking at the positive sides of plastic. It says, “In days like these it is impossible to imagine our ‘new everyday life’ without it: the often and reasonably defamed material plastic. It is the material of choice in our joint fight against the invisible enemy Corona. Nothing works without it. The face mask, for one, because FFP masks are made of polypropylene melt. Protective clothing is made of coated cellulose or entirely of plastic, and lenses are made of polycarbonate. All syringes, tubes and many parts of the respirator machines for treatment are also made of plastic. Using other materials is out of the question (…). Even in everyday life, many things can only be done with plastic products, for example food packaging, which is necessary for hygienic reasons, (…). In the retail trade, those who go shopping notice the spitting protection everywhere — panes of acrylic glass, which have been around for almost a century and can be used in many different ways (…). Anyone who still thinks that plastic is an invention of the devil, can try a little thought experiment: “Assuming that there are no plastics — what wouldn’t we have now?


Together for a clean environment

It’s refreshing to see that the material plastic is now being treated more fairly. Nevertheless, we must continue to keep our eyes on the ball and promote all relevant recycling technologies. For there is life after Corona, and we owe it to our planet and to future generations to leave behind an environment that is as “clean” as possible.

Again, cohesion is needed to tackle this crisis. Collecting, recycling, installing and maintaining a cycle with 100% recycled material — this requires cooperation from all of us: producers, bottlers, consumers, recyclers, researchers and developers. This is important so that even in times when the focus seems to be on just one thing, we keep a close eye on our core issues.


Lessons from the Crisis

Economy and environmental awareness are not contradictory concepts. One is worth nothing without the other. In the reconstruction of the economy, more than ever, there will be a new emphasis on a new way of working together. It is already becoming apparent: globalization has reached its limits, regional production concepts are highly appreciated because they guarantee independence. 

We at ALPLAindustrial have long since behaved in such a way that a crisis of global proportions could not push us out of the picture. Thanks to long-established partnerships and crisis-proof production, we have managed to get through most of the crisis, to the delight of our customers, partners and employees. Wherever possible, we will continue to make our contribution to a functioning community and hope for constructive cooperation from everyone for everyone.

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