You need the whole package


Reliably delivering high-quality plastic packaging while being flexible in meeting our customers’ needs – that is the great strength of ALPLAindustrial.

The new magazine THE WHOLE PACKAGE focuses on the in-depth expertise that is at the heart of what we do, along with all the latest news from further afield relating to our business.

“One thing is for sure: this isn’t something you can pull off alone. Everyone in the company needs to be on board, pursuing a shared vision – and that’s exactly how we’ve gone about things at ALPLAindustrial. With the help of our 230 employees, we have developed new process chains and invested in new technologies, equipment and infrastructure. You can’t be afraid to make investments if you want to turn your ideas into a reality.”

Georg Hirsch, Managing Partner at ALPLAindustrial

Good news tends to spread quickly, just like good products. However, when it comes to getting the word out about top-quality plastic packaging, this isn’t always the case. Anyone working in the building materials, chemical or food industries knows that packaging, more than anything else, just needs to do its job, i.e. to hold the actual product properly, while being compact and secure, fulfilling its role in the marketing and branding of the product, and – in the case of food packaging – complying fully with the applicable laws and regulations.

Yet, as this goes off without a hitch on a daily basis throughout many places in the world, it is a part of the logistics’ chain that tends to get overlooked in favour of more pressing matters. That’s understandable. But if you’re committed to the domain of plastic packaging in all its detail and intricacies, it just won’t do to take this essential building block for granted. In order to stay on top of the game, it’s essential to read and hear more about the topic, while constantly staying up-to-date with the latest manufacturing technology and exciting new applications in order to reap the rewards for your own business.

Every innovation starts with curiosity

At any rate, that’s the philosophy of ALPLAindustrial, based in Kammern, Upper Styria: expanding your horizons, getting a sense of the latest developments in other markets, taking on board new information, and never settling for the status quo. This is how the company, established in 1973 as a family business, managed to grow exponentially and become a long-term partner to so many large-scale industry customers. For everyone working at ALPLAindustrial, it’s always been about delivering THE FULL PACKAGE. And today, with a team of around 230 employees, it’s no different.

Our desire to pass on our expertise, curiosity, and our ongoing experience as seasoned manufacturers of canisters, buckets, tins, boxes, bottles and baskets in THE WHOLE PACKAGE magazine is a testament to our open approach. In future, you will receive regular updates from ALPLAindustrial and the wider world of plastics – both in THE WHOLE PACKAGE and on our website, which will soon be relaunched after a comprehensive makeover. Topics such as new manufacturing possibilities, recycling, sustainability, case studies, design and branding, optimum delivery solutions will be covered as well as internal company news.

Visionen muss man haben: Immer die beste Lösung liefern. Gemessen an Transportfähigkeit, Stapelbarkeit, Dichtheit, Wiederverschließbarkeit, Feuchtigkeitsresistenz, Robustheit, Gewicht und Temperraturresistenz von -20° bis +60°.

Becoming more visible but staying approachable

Accountability and a hands-on, personal approach – it may come as something of a surprise that these are key priorities for a company on the scale of ALPLAindustrial. But individual responsibility is considered to be of the utmost importance, both in Kammern and in our two plants in Fertőszentmiklós, Hungary and Bucharest, Romania. Everywhere we are represented, throughout the world, we offer not only our standard product range but also the option of developing customised, tailor-made solutions in order to meet every customer’s individual requirements – for large-scale industry customers as well as SMEs.

The contacts at ALPLAindustrial don’t hide behind bureaucratic red tape, and the sales-people act as consultants, staying involved throughout the entire process: this is how we turn our priorities of “accountability” and “a hands-on, personal approach” into reality. Thanks to our close contact with customers at every size of company, the ALPLAindustrial group knows exactly what products and information are required.

The revamped website and THE WHOLE PACKAGE magazine enable us to meet these needs even more effectively. “Becoming more visible but staying approachable” is one of our mottos.

What we mean by that is that we want our online presence to be straightforward, user-friendly and modern, focused on our two main product categories (buckets and canisters) while also providing information on our other products and the special aspects of our manufacturing process, such as in-mould labelling (IML). And soon, people driving on the 113 motorway in Austria between Mautern and St. Michael will be able to see a larger-than-life plastic bucket on the silo of the ALPLAindustrial plant in Kammern. This landmark will receive more attention in a future issue of THE WHOLE PACKAGE – as will the in-mould labelling process, the automation being undertaken in our Kammern plant in order to optimise the manufacturing process, and the patent ALPLAindustrial has obtained for oval buckets. 

We’re not going to run out of things to write about anytime soon – on the contrary: we’re just getting started.

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