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October, 2018

For over 40 years, the Blaue Engel has been an impartial and economically independent voluntary label for products with proven environmental benefits. We at ALPLAindustrial are proud that a large number of our plastic containers have received this important award.

What is behind the “Blaue Engel”?

As early as 1978, the Blaue Engel, the world’s first and today’s best known eco-label, began its path towards greater sustainability in consumption. It is intended to appeal to private consumers, industrial customers and official buyers as a reliable guide. The Blaue Engel is known to a total of 92 percent of consumers as a symbol of environmental friendliness.


Comprehensive assessment

Based on scientific studies and market research, the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) prepares award criteria for certification with the eco-label. For an evaluation, a comprehensive view of the product life cycle is defined. Important cornerstones are:

❚ resource-conserving production

❚ the preferential consideration of recycled materials

❚ the sustainable production of raw materials

❚ the avoidance of pollutants in the product

❚ reduced emissions of harmful substances to soil, air and water

❚ efficient use – for example energy- or water-saving products

❚ longevity, repair and recyclability

❚  good usability


Advantages for all

As a Type I eco-label in accordance with ISO 14024, the Blaue Engel stands for maximum independence, control and transparency. It is a sign of high quality with the greatest possible conservation of resources and an excellent climate balance.


It’s worth trying out

The Blaue Engel labelled, grey recycling buckets consist of an innovative mixture of raw materials with at least 90 % post-consumer recycled plastic. By using these buckets one can improve one’s own climate balance, address new groups of buyers and be sure to make a contribution to the ambitious EU environmental goals.

ALPLAindustrial recycling buckets were certified in the sizes 10l, 12l, 12.5l, 14l, 15l, 18l and 30l, with or without hangers, and with lids. Another good argument for trying out the new WP R buckets. Try it. Like it.

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