Hard times?
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July, 2020

The demands on all of us in times like these are high, most companies have to produce under difficult conditions. How good it is that there are some things that can be relied upon. For example, the crystal-clear advantages of ALPLAindustrial PET bottles. Bottlers know that it makes a difference what their crisis-proof products, such as water or cleaning agents, are used for. And therefore they rely fully on PET.

Careful, tongue twisters: PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is a thermoplastic material consisting of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. The transparent material can be shaped and deformed by heating, so that a wide variety of containers can be made from it – such as ALPLAindustrial PET bottles.


Our contribution to system maintenance

The fact that a strong community produces good results is no longer in question, at least not since the Corona crisis. If need be, companies even convert their production processes to hastily produce required goods such as protective masks for mouth and nose, disposable gloves or disinfectants. We at ALPLAindustrial also supply system-maintaining companies in the health and food sector. We are proud to be able to make a contribution to keeping the entire system up and running. Fortunately, our plants are so well positioned that even in times of crisis our packaging reaches our customers by the shortest route.



Anyone who has ever held a PET bottle in their hand already knows the most important advantage: the lightweight. PET bottles are extremely light and weigh hardly any weight. The low weight results in particularly low energy consumption during transport.



Now let’s dispel a prejudice: Unlike many beverage bottles made of other plastics, PET bottles contain no harmful bisphenol A. PET bottles also do not contain any softeners that could have a negative effect on the hormone balance of the body.



PET returnable bottles have long been among the most environmentally friendly beverage packaging, but disposable bottles have also been continuously improved ecologically. Measures such as weight reduction, recycling, shorter transport times and the reduction of primary energy consumption during production ensure that PET non-returnable bottles are increasingly environmentally friendly.


PET is not all PET.

The almost unbreakable PET material is not only very resistant, but can also be completely recycled. A basic distinction is made between non-returnable and returnable PET bottles. One-way bottles are collected and recycled. Reusable PET bottles, on the other hand, are filled several times and remain intact. They only need to be replaced after about 20-25 returns. By the way: The recycling rate for disposable PET bottles is 97% – which means they are almost completely recycled.


The PET cycle

Contrary to many assumptions, however, PET containers are not incinerated to generate energy, but are used as new bottles or are used in the manufacture of other products. Collected PET bottles are now being returned to exactly what they were: raw material for new PET beverage bottles. Other customers are the textile fibre and film industries. The rest is used, for example, to make ribbons or detergent bottles. PET is also used to produce textiles such as Goretex and fleece fabrics.


PET versus glass

Anyone who throws an empty PET bottle into a container designed for it is no more harmful to the environment than someone who brings a returnable glass bottle back to the supermarket. This is the result of a study by the German Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU). However, PET bottles are more versatile than their glass counterparts. Especially when you are on the move, the light and break-proof PET bottles offer a clear advantage. In addition, they are lighter in transport and protect the environment by consuming less petrol and CO2.


Lightness of being

Thanks to the numerous advantages of the “PET set”, such as lightness, health and environmental friendliness, recyclability and simplified logistics, PET containers are extremely popular with both producers and consumers. ALPLAindustrial therefore also offers a whole range of PET products as well as the possibility of tailor-made containers for all “fulfilable” wishes.

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